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Heracles didn't even get a chance to turn around before he felt himself suddenly being smashed to the ground in a hug. All the breathe in his lungs left him as he was picked up, still being hugged, and rocked side to side while Alfred was blubbering in his ear.
"Sniff, why Heracles?! Whyyyyyyyy?" Alfred whined, "Why did you help him? I need to be a hero and protect my little brother!" Gilbert eyed Alfred carefully as his continued his whining spiel and Heracles continued to struggle against his father's grip.
Finally, after about two minutes of Alfred's consistent whining, Gilbert finally spoke up.
"Yo, Alfred you're going to kill your kid if you don't let him breathe." Alfred stopped crying and took a look at Heracles's face, which was turning slightly blue. Alfred quickly dropped Heracles, and the latter began wheezing a bit as he tried to pull air into his lungs.
"Oops, heheh, sorry about that kiddo!" Alfred frowned when Heracles gave him a slight glare, but shrugged it off and plopped himself down to sit by his son.
"So, even though I feel betrayed by my own flesh and blood," Alfred sent a slight pouting look at Heracles, which was ignored, "I still was told by Arthur to get my butt down here and give you the last task." All was quiet for a moment as Alfred took a dramatic pause, slightly smirking at the nervous anticipation on Gilbert's face.
"After making up all these tasks I found out that I'm really hungry. And as of right now I want a burger!" Alfred smiled brightly, ignoring Gilbert's soft groan.
"So…you want us to get you this, uh, burger?" Heracles tapped his finger on a rock, trying to understand the situation. After the last two tasks he thought his father would come up with something a little more difficult for the third task. But all he wanted was for them to get him some sort of food?
"Not exactly, I don't think you could buy any burgers around here since they really haven't been invented yet, and I don't want you to make one for me because I'm sure anything Gilbert makes me would give me food poisoning," Gilbert's annoyed 'Hey!' went unnoticed, "but I do need you to fetch the meat for me. I make my hamburgers with only the finest meat from cattle, and everyone knows that the best cattle are the red cattle that Lovino and Antonio raise!"
Gilbert began banging his head on the nearest rock while Heracles stared confusedly at his father. Again, that really didn't sound too hard. Asking for a cow didn't seem to difficult, and Heracles had since become a bit accustomed to being around gods so asking one of the gods of cooking and the god of sleep didn't seem so scary after meeting Elizabeta…
He still had a question though.
"Why red cattle?"
Alfred cocked his head slightly as he blinked at Heracles, unsure of what the question detailed.
Heracles sighed and restated, "Why are the cattle red?"
"Oh! Haha, well that's because all they really feed them are tomatoes!" Alfred nodded like his answer actually made sense.
"Dad…I'm pretty sure that isn't the way it works out. Cattle don't just turn the color of the food they eat."
"Of course they do! Silly Heracles, what did they teach you in school?" Alfred patted Heracles on the head as he would a five year old. Heracles merely sighed and just let his father have his moment; he was beginning to learn that arguing with the man really just made things more confusing.
"Alright, I guess we should get s-s-starrrt…" Heracles yawned and slowly his body began to lean to the side as he felt sleepiness overtake him. But before his body hit the ground, Alfred's hands were suddenly cradling him and carefully lowering Heracles's head into his lap. Alfred chuckled softly as Heracles began to snore, curling up to Alfred's body heat.
"I don't think you two will get a start on the last quest today." Alfred said quietly. Gilbert stopped banging his head on the rock and took a look over towards Heracles and Alfred, letting out a slight sound of annoyance before quietly accepting this fact and preparing himself to sleep through the night.
"You know, I'm kind of sad I never got to do this…" Alfred said to Gilbert.
"It's not your fault you know." Alfred blinked and looked up, startled at the kindness in Gilbert's voice. Gilbert frowned at him and said hastily, "I mean, Matthew told me how you and Arthur kept blaming yourselves for his disappearance, and I'm just saying, it's not your guys fault. Whoever took him obviously had something strong working for him or else they would have never gotten past all the protection that was set up around Mount Axis."
It took Alfred a moment to realize that the god of drinking was actually trying to set his mind at ease. Alfred laughed at the irony of it, they were always fighting and arguing with each other, but when it came down to the core of some things, him and Gilbert weren't so different at all…but Gilbert was still a bastard for trying to trick Mattie.
"Thanks," Alfred shot Gilbert a smile before turning his gaze back to his son, "it's just that I really wish I could have been there for him sometimes. I never got to tuck him in at night, or teach him how to protect himself, and even now I can only offer him so much help because of the fact that we gods aren't supposed to directly interfere with heroes."
"You know, if we ever figure out who the bastard that took Heracles away, I'm going to give that guy the worst hangover of his life. I'd give him much worse than that but I think when everyone else is done with him there won't be much left for me to do." Gilbert smirked and leaned back. Alfred returned the smirk with one of his own as he thought upon all the punishments he could give to the person who stole away his son.
"Well, this has been a lovely talk but I'm going to get some shut eye now. The kid probably won't wake up until morning and I need my beauty rest as well." Gilbert closed his eyes momentarily before quickly snapping them open and shooting Alfred a look. "No cheating and doing something weird to me when I'm sleeping. Mattie will have your head if you do." Content with the slightly disgruntled look on Alfred's face, Gilbert shut his eyes again, and within moments was asleep.
There was nothing more annoying than walking up a steep road- up a mountain- in the morning- while a sleepy and whiny god was complaining away right in your ear. Heracles winced as Gilbert's voice once again pierced his thoughts.
"I mean, couldn't your dad have gotten at least a pillow for me? I know he doesn't like me but he really didn't have to put my head on a rock! Now I feel like I have a bad hangover!" Gilbert hadn't stopped whining since this morning when they had woken up, finding that Alfred was a good father toward Heracles and a bad sport toward Gilbert. Heracles had woken up finding himself wrapped in a nice, soft, warm blanket that protected him from the chilly morning air and his head to be on a fluffy pillow. Gilbert had woken up naked with his head on a rock as his new pillow.
Really dad? I mean you really had to go and hide Gilbert's clothing? Heracles was torn between being amused at his father's childish behavior, or being annoyed that he was the one who had to deal with a furious Gilbert.
"Plus, we have to climb this freaking mountain because Lovino is too paranoid and thinks the other gods want to steal his cattle and tomato harvests so he goes and puts up a barrier around this place which doesn't allow me to use my powers!" Gilbert threw his hands up in the air in frustration.
Heracles silently agreed with Gilbert on that fact. He had hoped they would be able to get to the area easier than they had yesterday, but Lovino and Antonio's cattle pasture was surrounded by mountains that had been formed to make a circle around the enormous pasture, making it difficult for anyone to gain entry.
Heracles had to remind himself constantly that heroes had to do things they didn't like sometimes, including walking up mountains to fetch their biological fathers some cattle meat while listening to somebody complaining the whole way up.
"Like, whoa. I would hate doing that!" Feliks squealed. As he was currently curled up next to Toris, the latter winced and leaned away from the noisy Feliks slightly.
"It would be, like, dirty and icky! My feet would be totally nasty! And my new sandals would be, like, ruined!" Feliks moaned, pouting slightly.
"Oi, I don't see the reason you need to talk about your clothing so much." Vash glared down at Feliks from his place beside Alessia. If possible, Feliks took on an even poutier look.
"Clothes are important! They're, like, the things that can make us look even prettier!"
"If clothing does anything it provides a well embodied armor that protects us in battle!"
"Ick! The armor look is so last season!"
"Armor doesn't come in and out of season!"
"It so totally does!"
Toris's eye began to twitch slightly as Feliks and Vash argued over fashion. He was beginning to get a major headache. Seems he was getting a lot of those ever since he became friends with Feliks.
"Shut up, aru!" Yao looked fed up with the argument as well. Both Vash and Feliks turned to glare at him, and Yao moved back slightly at the force of their glares. Vash was plain scary to everyone, but when Feliks got on the topic of fashion…ugh. Yao shivered slightly more at the look on Feliks' face.
"Big Brother, what is Heracles doing?" Alessia suddenly gave her brother's toga a slight pull, and quickly Vash's face turned from majorly irritated to being gentle as a soft snow.
"Ah, well it looks as though he finally reached the mountain top with Gilbert and…oh, good, he finally smacked Gilbert. All of his whining must have finally pushed Heracles a little too far over the edge." Vash looked amused.
"I hope he's ready for Lovino though, aru."
"I'm, like, not that worried about him dealing with Lovino. I'm more scared that he'll, like, piss off Antonio," Feliks murmured. A small shudder ran through the group. Oh yes, everyone was very familiar with how scary the god of sleep could really be. Normally he was sweet, just a sleepy fellow who enjoyed napping and eating tomatoes; but piss him off enough and that guy could make you beg for mercy.
"Then let's go back to them and see what happens!" Alessia smiled and clapped her hands, possibly the only one out of them all who was still innocent to what could happen.
"You didn't need to smack me!"
"Shut up."
"But it hurt!"
"You're a god; you should be able to take worse than that."
"Yea well you're Alfred's kid so you can give a mean punch."
"Shut up."
"No you shut up."
"Gilbert don't make me push you off this mountain."
"Shut up."
"Both of you can fucking shut up or else I'll throw you both off this damn mountain!"
What the…? Heracles looked over from where he was sitting with Gilbert to see a furious looking man staring at them both.
His amber eyes bored angrily into Heracles's own green eyes and for a moment Heracles felt himself grow nervous. However the mood was broken when another voice called out cheerily, "Lovi~!"
The amber eyed man snapped his glare around as another man came into view. This man was taller than the amber eyed man, and instead of amber his eyes were a dark emerald green. Both men were fairly tanned; amber eyes had light brown hair with a small curl curling out on the left side of his head and emerald eyes had curly dark brown hair.
"There you are Lovi~" Emerald eyes cooed, enveloping the other man in a warm hug. Amber eyes blushed deep red for a moment before quickly pushing the other away, stuttering insults at such a fast rate that Heracles couldn't keep up.
"Antonio!" Gilbert suddenly stood up and held his arms out to the emerald eyed man. Immediately Antonio's eyes lit up and he was hugging Gilbert.
"Gil~! I haven't seen you for awhile!"
Gilbert laughed, "You saw me a week ago!"
"But a week is such a long time to go without seeing a friend!" Antonio broke the hug and then turned back and grabbed the hand of the amber eyed man who had been trying to creep away.
"Lovino, don't you want to say hi to Gilbert?"
"Fuck no! I'm not saying hi to anyone, bastard!" Lovino tried to blushingly wrench his hand out of Antonio's grasp, but failed.
"I said fuck no!"
Yay. More annoying yelling. Exactly what Heracles wanted right now.
Heracles gave a soft groan and put his now aching head into his hands. The noise attracted the attention of Antonio, who stared at Heracles for a moment before his face broke out into a big beaming smile.
"Heracles!" Antonio tackle hugged Heracles, and they both fell to the ground in a heap.
"I haven't seen my napping buddy in forever!" Antonio exclaimed.
"Napping…buddy?" Heracles asked.
"Yea! You and I used to nap together, at least until Lovi caught us and punched me awake, shouting that I was a pedophile." Antonio pouted Lovino's direction, as the latter let out a angry huff and scowled.
"You were always a freaking pedophile."
"But Lovi, I just think kids are adorable! With their soft round faces and puffy cheeks, like yours when you get mad!" Antonio jumped up and went back to Lovino to poke his cheeks.
A small squabble started, ending with Lovino punching Antonio in the stomach and running off. Throughout the entire time Gilbert looked merely amused, and when Antonio hunched over from the force of Lovino's punch, Gilbert simply laughed and patted Antonio on the back.
"Good to see you two getting along so well!"
Antonio smiled through his pain up at Gilbert, "I know! Lovi has calmed down lately, hasn't he?"
By the time Antonio had managed to calm Lovino down, and Heracles managed to wrangle Gilbert away from tipping over the cows, the sun was already high in the sky. Antonio invited Gilbert and Heracles inside of a large home that was luxuriously decorated and confusing as a maze to have something to eat.
"So, Gilbert, why are you here anyways? I can't imagine you climbing up a mountain for fun." Antonio took a large bite out of the strange food he had served them all. Heracles was beginning to think all the gods had some sort of strange food fetish, first his father with those burger things and now Antonio and Lovino with a sort of bread with a tomato paste and melted cheese on top. Heracles, not sure of how to consume such a strange substance, had waited to see how the others would eat it. Even though they had some nice tools for cutting the food into smaller pieces, all of the gods opted to just lift a piece of the food and start munching it from the pointy end. Confused, Heracles followed suit, only to have the hot cheese burn the roof of his mouth a little.
"Ah, well there's the thing Antonio. I didn't come here just for a pleasant visit. Me and the kid here are on an awesome quest!" Gilbert took a dramatic pause as Antonio eagerly leaned in for more information and Lovino continued munching on his food, bored. "You remember Matthew?"
"Um, who?" Antonio frowned.
"Matthew, god of the hearth and home? Makes awesome pancakes?" Gilbert prodded.
"Not ringing any bells!" Antonio announced cheerfully, after a few moments of pondering.
"For goodness sake Antonio, he's Alfred's twin brother!" Gilbert threw his hands up in the air.
"...Oh! That guy who is always disappearing! I can never remember his name, but I thought he was the god of invisibility or something…" Antonio looked saddened that he was wrong, but quickly perked up to wipe a smudge of the tomato paste off of Lovino's mouth.
"Well his name's Matthew and his is my awesome lover but Alfred, the bastard, doesn't want us to be together. So he made up an unawesome test for me in which I need to-" Heracles tuned Gilbert's voice out as he began prattling on about their adventures together.
When Gilbert finished explaining their situation, and exactly why they were there, there was a moment of silence before…
"The fuck! No way are you allowed to touch one of my cattle!" Lovino jumped up and slammed his fist down on the table, jarring everything around.
"Come on! I need it so that Alfred will stop bugging me about Mattie!" Gilbert slammed his fist down on the table with equal strength and glared at Lovino.
"My cattle are too good to be used in one of those disgusting burgers!"  Lovino growled.
"Antonio!" Both Gilbert and Lovino turned to Antonio, each begging for him to take their side.
"Ah…ahahaha" Antonio rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. Heracles silently prayed that he wouldn't be involved in the fight, and then winced as all gazes were turned on him. Damn, forgot that when one prayed, one prayed to the gods. And considering the fact he was in a room full of them, praying really wasn't going to help his case.
"Heracles you should be taking my side!" Gilbert whined. Heracles shifted slightly in discomfort, moving away from the pouting Gilbert. However, a meaningful glance between Lovino and Antonio caught Heracles's eye. Lovino lowered himself back onto his seat and looked at Heracles with a calculating look.
"I'm not going to give you any of my cattle for free," Lovino started, "but if you're willing to do something for me than I might consider giving you one of the scrawnier ones." Gilbert straightened up at those words, and he leaned forward ever so slightly, almost seeming afraid that he wouldn't catch what Lovino was saying.
"What do you need us to do?" Heracles asked.
Lovino shook his head and stabbed a finger toward Gilbert, "He can't do anything. You have to do something alone, Heracles, or else no cattle."
Heracles ignored Gilbert's warning look and answered, "Fine, Gilbert can't interfere then. What is it you need me to do?"
Lovino got up and strolled over to a window, turning for a moment to gesture for Heracles to follow him. Heracles got up, and walking over to the window he stared at a spot outside that Lovino had suddenly pointed to.
"I've been having some issues with a…monster if you will. A tomato monster."
Gilbert suddenly snorted, and a hoarse chuckle made its way out of his throat before he managed to turn it into a slight cough.
"A tomato monster?" Heracles wasn't sure he quite understood what Lovino was getting at.
"I know it sounds strange, but I have a three headed tomato monster living out there in the caves that litter this mountain area. It's the product of someone's," here Lovino glared at Antonio, who grinned sheepishly, "idiotic endeavors to produce larger tomatoes. And because that idiot," another glare at Antonio, "put some of his less stupid godly powers into said endeavor, the monster is a pain to deal with. I need you to destroy it for me and then I will let you take one of my scrawnier cattle."
Let's just get this over with, Heracles thought. But aloud all he said was, "Got it."
The monster took Heracles longer to find then he thought it would. A big red tomato monster could actually hide out pretty well in a grey and green mountain area. But Heracles was determined to finish this quest…plus he was getting really tired and just wanted to sleep. So with determination and the hope for a nap once he was done, Heracles pursued any traces he found of the monster until he came to a large cave entrance. Littered outside of the entrance was a lot of soil and small chunks of tomato goop, all fresh which told Heracles that this must be the place the monster was lurking.
Heracles shifted nervously on his feet. He really wished he had a sword or something, but the only weaponry that Antonio and Lovino had lying around the house were eleven arrows (and a quiver to carry them in) and a bow for shooting them. Heracles took them, better to have something better than nothing, but he couldn't help remember all the failed archery attempts that had taken place in training, most of the arrows ending up somewhere on Peter.
Better now than never, Heracles carefully stepped forward, moving his body in a crouch with the bow and arrow ready, as Peter had shown him during a hunting course.
Heracles gave his eyes a few moments to adjust to the dim lighting of the cave, and as his eyes adjusted he had a difficult time keeping his breathing steady. He had picked the right cave all right. The monster was lying down straight in front of him, its eyes closed and its body moving up and down as it breathed.
The monster was enormous. Even lying down it towered a good six feet over Heracles. Its entire body was misshapen as if someone had taken several balls of clay and mashed them together. On the top of its head lay a small tuft of leaves serving as hair.
Honestly it looked just plain creepy.
Maybe Heracles should have brought Gilbert along.
To use as bait or something.
Chuckling slightly at this, Heracles stepped forward once again, only to have his foot hit a stone. The stone's sound of skittering off into the darkness made a loud noise in the quiet cavern, and Heracles froze, watching the monster carefully.
Crap Crap Crap Crap! Heracles move backward as the monster suddenly reared up, its dull brown eyes blinking open and almost immediately focusing on Heracles. Apparently the monster was aggressive, since it let out a loud roar at the sight of Heracles and grabbed the nearest rock and flung it at him. Heracles skittered aside and made a beeline for the exit. The enclosed space of the cave was not a fighting advantage for him and he needed to get outside to make sure he could get a clear shot at the tomato monster.
The tomato monster didn't look any better now that it was in the sunlight. It came barreling out of the cave and ran straight towards Heracles. Dodging its first attempt at a head-butt, Heracles swiftly turned around and notched an arrow into his bow, shooting it straight at the back of the monster.
While the arrow did hit the monster directly in the back of its chest, all it seemed to do was become an annoying itch to the monster. The tomato monster easily pulled the arrow out of its back, and tomato juice slowly dribbled down to the ground before the wound suddenly closed up. The monster sniffed at the arrow before growling and snapping the arrow in two, tossing the pieces behind it as the monster readied itself for another charge.
Heracles was now down to ten arrows, which was really not a good thing. Heck, even having eleven arrows had been bad, and that was before Heracles found out the tomato monster could heal its wounds almost instantly.
Heracles ran backward, trying to gain some time and distance between him and the monster as he thought of a plan.
Heracles grunted as he was suddenly forced to the ground by the tomato monsters hand. Heracles's eyes widened and he began to struggle as giant fingers wrapped around him and he was pulled up into the air. His bow had been knocked out of his hands and Heracles could feel the monster pull at the quiver on his back, pulling it off of him.
Ew...Heracles attempted to move as his vision went red. The monster had stuck him INSIDE of it. He could barely move, and because of all his struggling he was losing oxygen quick. Heracles continued to twitch, and even though his lungs were burning he still continued to attempt to move, even more so as he heard snapping noises. Heracles panicked for a moment, thinking the noises to be his bones. A quick wave of relief came over him as he realized it wasn't his bones, but a new form of panic took place as he realized the monster was snapping all of his arrows.
Heracles's red vision was now going fuzzy and dark around the edges. His struggles were becoming less and less pronounced as his body weakened. Heracles kept telling himself he couldn't give up, but even as he told himself that, images of his life began flashing before his eyes.
Funnily enough, besides the images of his adoptive parents, the strongest image was that of the funny black haired boy he had met at the beginning of his journey.
If I die now…I really will never get to know his name…
The things that inspire us to perform unimaginable feats are unique to each and every person. Heroes save the world because they have something worth fighting for. And even though Heracles did not know it yet, he had found the one true thing that for him was worth taking on anything for.
The monster made a grab for the last arrow, waiting for the struggles of the puny mortal inside of it to stop so it could remove the pest. But suddenly, it felt a sharp pain in its side. The monster looked down, arm still reaching for the arrow, but its hand never made it. Suddenly the monster's arm was flying off, having been torn off from the elbow by another tanned arm sticking out of its side.
The monster roared and attempted to push the hand back in, but a body began moving itself out of the monster. Heracles leaped for the last arrow and, grabbing it, jumped back to the hole where he had been previously stuck. And before the monster could heal itself, Heracles stabbed randomly into the monster.
"I cannot believe how freaking lucky you are!" Heracles tried to move away but Gilbert had pulled him into a headlock and noogied the young hero.
The tomato monster was gone, now only a pile of mushy, rotten tomato. When Heracles had stabbed at the monster with the arrow, he had somehow managed to plunge the arrow straight into the monsters heart. How he had been so lucky, Heracles had a tiny guess. Even though the gods were not supposed to help him out, he had a nagging suspicion that Gilbert had cheated slightly. Let it be known that even though Gilbert was known as the god of drinking, his brother, Ludwig, was still the god of war. Legends said that Gilbert had raised Ludwig after finding him abandoned in some forest. Gilbert had deemed the young child as Ludwig, his new brother, and had taught him everything he knew. Even though Ludwig did have his own amazing godly list of accomplishments, he had to get his basic battle skills from somewhere, and Heracles was prepared to bet anything that Gilbert was better at fighting than he led on.
"Hmph." a slight disgruntled noise from behind them both made Gilbert and Heracles turn around to see Lovino glaring at both of them.
"I'm not going to thank you. So just choose from the cattle and leave!" Lovino huffed and stomped back inside, leaving a smiling Antonio behind him.
"Ahaha~ that's Lovi's way of saying you did good and he will keep up his half of the bargain! So go ahead and take a pick! All the cattle are raised with love and tomatoes, so each and everyone one of them is cool!" Antonio smiled and rocked back on his heels, pointing at the pasture.
"Sweet! Come on Heracles, let's pick one out and blow this joint!" Gilbert, obviously enamored by their success, raced over to the cattle, leaving Heracles behind.
"I need to thank you also," Antonio's voice made Heracles start slightly, and he turned back around to stare at him, "you fixed my mistake and you did it really well! I think Lovino likes you a lot and I like you a lot so you're welcome to come and visit us again!" Antonio gave Heracles a quick hug.
"Oi, bastard! What did you do with my small tomatoes?" Came Lovino's shout from the house. Antonio smiled at Heracles one last time before running back into the house.
"They're right where you left them Lovi!"
Heracles was exhausted and wanted to leave as soon as possible, and luckily it seemed that Gilbert was just as eager to get going. They picked out a cow that seemed healthy, tied it up, and began the long trek back to the island. Going down the mountain was slightly easier than going up, but by the time they got down Heracles was leaning on the cow, already half asleep. Luckily Gilbert seemed to have finally got the teleporting thing down (a bit since they still went to two different places before making it back to the island) and they arrived back at the glade they had started from before the day was done.
"C-Congrats…" A quiet voice came from an area out of Heracles sight, and when he swung his head over to see who had spoken, Heracles had to rub his sleepy eyes a couple of times to make sure he wasn't beginning to see things. He had been sure he had seen two of Alfred but that wasn't possible…Heracles looked again and this time he saw that while both of them looked the same, there was a slight difference.
One of the Alfred's looked disgruntled and the other looked embarrassed, but also happy. The happy looking Alfred had a more prominent curl that stuck out of his blonde hair and instead of blue eyes like his father, the happy Alfred had violet eyes.
Assuming the disgruntled Alfred was his father, Heracles raised his hand slightly in greeting. The disgruntled look was softened, but a small scowl still remained.
"Mattie!" Heracles jumped as Gilbert rushed forward, grabbing the happy Alfred (Matthew then, Heracles guessed), and hugged him tightly.
"H-Hey Gil…" Matthew blushed and kissed his boyfriend slightly before pushing him away a little.
"I didn't know you were coming! I would have upped my awesome look then!" Gilbert brushed his hands through his sweaty hair and attempted to brush some of the dirt that had gathered on his clothing.
"You look fine." Matthew squeezed Gilbert's hand, and shock of all shocks, Gilbert quieted down and just seemed to be happy holding Matthew's hand.
"I say the cow doesn't look right." Alfred grumbled slightly, but was quieted when Matthew shot him a slightly stern look.
"Gilbert and Heracles did all the tasks asked of them and you know it. They did well, now quit it." Matthew said. Alfred pouted slightly, but with another look from Matthew his shoulders drooped and he muttered something.
Gilbert smirked, "Say that again?"
Alfred glared at him, but said jerkily, "Good job on finishing all the tasks. I have no reason to not let you and Mattie date anymore. But," he added, "if I find out you did anything stupid and Mattie isn't happy I won't hesitate to strike you down with one of my thunderbolts." Both Alfred and Gilbert glared at each other for a few more seconds before Matthew tightened his grip on Gilbert's hand and pulled him down for another chaste kiss.
Alfred stuck his tongue out in a gagging motion, but moved away from the happy couple over to give his son a slight hug.
"You did well; all that training with Peter is definitely paying off." Alfred smiled down at Heracles.
"Yea, but I just barely made it." Heracles grimaced.
"You do have a long way to go until you're almost as heroic as me, but you're getting there. You just need to make sure you keep that inspiration to fight with you at all times." Alfred winked at his son.
"You weren't. You didn't." Heracles began stuttering as his face heated up, remembering exactly what had inspired him those few seconds he was losing hope inside of the monster.
"Heh, can't keep anything from me son! You know, I had to fight for your mom long ago~" Alfred laughed as Heracles kept stuttering, his face becoming slowly redder. Alfred kept laughing at Heracles until finally Heracles got fed up and punched his father lightly.
"Dad shut up!"
Alessia= Lichtenstein

Heh, I have no excuse why this is so late ^^;

Yay! A friend of mine, :iconsabaku-no-ame: was nice enough to put my favorite scene into a short little comic! Check it out!

The warning is for Lovino's mouth and also there is some slight violence. I wasn't sure whether to put the warning there or not. Tell me if you guys think it needs to be there not.
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