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That means you Heracles.

Heracles frowned slightly as he re-read the short message over again. It was…strange. Even by Peter's standards. Heracles had only known the kid for a few weeks now but it wouldn't even take a blind man two minutes to see that Peter loved his job of training (torturing) others. So the fact that he had dropped everything for two days was just a liiiiiittle bit suspicious. So of course he did what any reasonable and curious teenager would do.
Heracles went to find a good place to take a nap.
There was a certain spot he was looking for, the small grove where he had met Peter. The moss there had looked cool and soft, a perfect place to nap. Already Heracles could feel his eyes beginning to slide shut, eager for sleep. Heracles looked around blearily before spotting a path that looked similar to the one he had taken before. Stumbling along it Heracles broke through the bushes and entered the clearing, ready to fall asleep. However, suddenly Heracles found himself face to back with another person.
Heracles jumped back, now wide awake, as he stared at the mess of white hair attached to a tall and lean body. The said white haired person swiveled around to stare straight at Heracles with bright red eyes.
"Demon!" Heracles shouted. He rocked back, and then rocked forward, a little bit confused. He was training to be a hero so technically he should be fighting the demon, not running away…
Heracles's momentary confusion allowed the said 'demon' to step back before he suddenly launched himself at Heracles with a shout.
"Heyyyyyy! It's little Heracles!" the white haired demon shouted, grabbing Heracles in a strong bear hug. Heracles gagged for a moment, a sudden realization at how strong this guy was. The white haired demon swung Heracles around in a full circle before setting him back down on the ground. Beaming, the white haired demon smirked as he took in Heracles baffled expression.
"Hey kiddo, don't tell me you forgot the awesome me! Well, you were just a little kid back then, but I let you have a taste of some delicious beer! How many newborns can say they tasted delicious beer from their awesome Uncle's own private stash? Not many! Of course your parents had a fit, I almost had to go off the stuff. And what was that you called me? Demon? Pfft, heck no Heracles! I'm the awesome god of drinking, Gilbert the awesome!" Gilbert grinned at Heracles, who now felt even more baffled than he already had been.
"Uh…" Heracles wasn't really sure what to say to that.
"Oh well! Say, have you seen Peteracleces around here?" Gilbert looked around, gesturing with his hands.
"Well speak up kid! Wait, I know, my awesome presence must be too much for you!"  Gilbert beamed and patted Heracles's head. "No worries! Everyone is in awe of the awesome me!"
Heracles blinked slowly for a minute, and shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. He cast around for something to say and ended up settling on answering one of Gilbert's questions.
"He's going to be busy for the next two days."
"What?" Gilbert frowned at Heracles, who cleared his throat and said, "Peteracleces, you asked where he was. He left a note on his door saying he'll be busy for two days and nobody is allowed to see him."
The only description that could possibly describe Gilbert's face was heartbroken. His eyes dulled and he sagged a bit, a soft sigh escaping his lips. "Damn, I thought he could help me out. Guess I'm on my own"Gilbert trailed off, looking away into the distance. Heracles cleared his throat again to bring Gilbert's attention back, almost regretting it as Gilbert's dark red eyes settled on him.
"Um, what did you want to see him for?" Heracles asked tentatively. Gilbert let out another long and dramatic sigh before gesturing for Heracles to take a seat.
"Okay so the awesome me fell in love with another awesome person," Gilbert began, "You might have heard of him, his name is Matthew and he's amazingly awesome. Oh, he's the god of the hearth and home which might be why he cooks such good pancakes." Heracles frowned in confusion and opened his mouth to ask what being the god of the hearth and home had to deal with making pancakes, and exactly WHAT pancakes were but Gilbert plowed on, "Okay so we're all happy and stuff, right? Now it might come as a surprise but that asshole Alfred, oh sorry he's your dad but honestly he can be such a-" Gilbert coughed for a moment at the evil look Heracles had given him.
"Okay so anyways Alfred doesn't want me and Mattie dating since apparently I'm a 'horrible drunkard who can't do anything right'" Gilbert made air quotes, "so Mattie can't date me. But I was all awesome and fought for my man, and despite what anyone tells you I did NOT go crying to Ludwig for help, and Alfred decided to put me through three tests to see if I was worthy of being with Mattie. Unfortunately I have no idea what these tests are yet and Alfred will probably make them unawesome so I can't pass. So I came to see Peteracleces to see if he could help me and stuff." Gilbert sat cross legged beside Heracles and leaning back on his hands he looked toward the sky. "So that's my story and now without Peteracleces I probably won't have a chance because Alfred is a cheating bi-" he caught himself and with a quick sideways glance at Heracles, Gilbert edited his speech and said, "-big head that I won't ever get to date Mattie again!"
Heracles remained silent as he mulled over Gilbert's speech. He felt a mixture of pity, and confusion at Gilbert's words. Pity because Heracles could see that Gilbert really did care for Matthew and Heracles did feel that his dad was being kind of unfair towards them; and confusion because if someone had said that the god of drinking would be talking to him about his love life, Heracles would have laughed and said the person had obviously been eating the god Arthur's (moms?) cooking (notorious for being used to torture the evil souls down in the god of the underworlds lair), and had gone a bit crazy.
Heracles jerked back to reality as he felt a sharp poke in his side. Turning to glare at Gilbert, the offender, Heracles rubbed his now sore side (gods poked HARD) and asked, "What?"
"Well aren't you going to offer to help me?"
"Why should I?"
"Alfred said you were training to become a hero, so don't heroes help those who are trying to fight for love and all that crap?" Gilbert stared at Heracles with his eerie red eyes. Heracles gulped and thought over his words. Heroes did help those in need. A real hero would have offered as soon as Gilbert had finished his tale. And Peter was going to be busy for two days so…
"Of course!"
Gilbert beamed and smacked Heracles on the back, "There's a good kid! Now all that's left is to wait for the first challenge to come and then we'll be on our way!"
And as if summoned by Gilbert's words, there was a sudden pop and a strong smell of…what? Heracles wrinkled his nose at the sudden appearance of a plate with some sort of food on it. It looked like somebody had taken some meat and slapped it on with lettuce, tomato, and onion slices and put them all between two pieces of rounded bread.
"What in the world is this?" Heracles frowned and leaned forward to sniff the food item, only to lean back, disgusted. "It smells like grease!"
"Ah, yea. That's a hamburger. Don't ask." Gilbert leaned forward and snatched the hamburger off of the plate, and took off the top bread slice to reveal words written in very delicate handwriting in a weird looking yellow paste.

Challenge 1
You must take the three golden frying pans from the Goddess Elizabeta

Heracles read the script and felt a little worried, Elizabeta was the goddess of the moon and notorious for hitting people she didn't like with one of her three golden frying pans. It was said she was supposed to hate any rude man, but loved homosexuals, so maybe if Heracles pretended to be gay?
Suddenly Heracles mind flashed back to the black haired young man he had met at the start of his journey. Heracles blushed, and then looked toward Gilbert, hoping he hadn't noticed.
Gilbert was pale, even paler than he had been before. Heracles frowned in concern and waved his hand in front of Gilbert's glassy looking eyes, "Uh, Gilbert?"
Gilbert's eyes snapped onto Heracles, and then he buried his head into his hands. "Mein Gott. Of course he chose that for the first task." Gilbert moaned. Heracles poked Gilbert to get his attention back, "What's wrong?"
"Shit kid, don't you know anything? Eliza and I have been in an unawesome fight for the last couple of generations. She hates my guts and doesn't hesitate to give me a good old hit with one of her beloved frying pans. How am I supposed to be the totally awesome me and steal them?"
"Uh," sadly Heracles really had no idea. Well, actually he had one thing but it really wasn't a heroic thing to do.
Gilbert noticed some hesitation on Heracles's face and Gilbert shoved his face into Heracles a demanding expression on his face. "You have an idea, tell me now."
"Well," Heracles supposed just this once he could do it. After all, it was for a noble cause and it wasn't like someone was going to get hurt. Heracles made up his mind, leaned over, and began to whisper his plan into Gilbert's ear. Gilbert's face began to light up and become more and more devious as Heracles described his plan to him. Gilbert even began to chuckle, saying "Yea, that will probably work."
"HEY RODDY!" Gilbert had been shouting for the god of music for about five minutes now. Heracles was beginning to get nervous that Roderich would never show up when he noticed the air around Gilbert starting to shimmer. Heracles quickly ducked his head back into the bushes as Roderich, god of music, appeared scowling next to Gilbert.
Roderich was handsome in his own way. Chestnut brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail and his violet eyes glared angrily at Gilbert. Roderich's face was colored a bit with an angry red blush but he had lightly tanned skinned that looked soft and like Roderich hadn't worked a day in his life. His fingers were long and he had a small mole on one of his cheeks.
"What do you want?" he snapped at Gilbert. Gilbert just smirked and said, "Oh, did I interrupt your music time Roddy?"
Roderich rubbed his head angrily and glared daggers at Gilbert. "" he punctuated each word snappishly.
"Well first off I might want to apologize, but it's for a good cause Roddy." Gilbert suddenly punched Roderich in the stomach while shouting, "Now Heracles!"
Heracles bolted out and grabbed the winded Roderich, holding him down so Gilbert could shove a bag over Roderich's head, knocking Roderich unconscious.
Heracles stood back and watched as Gilbert pushed Roderich over to some bushes and spread out some foliage over him so he was hidden from view.
"I still don't understand how that bag works," Heracles said absent mindedly.
"Ah, well being the god of drinking of course I can knock people into a drunken stupor. I just applied a bit of that power to the bag, allowing anyone who put it on to be knocked unconscious! However they might have a slight hangover waking up," Gilbert pushed the last of the greenery onto Roderich, and he stood up, wiping his hands off to remove any dirt.

"You really think Elizabeta will come for him?" Heracles asked.
Gilbert smirked and nodded, "Oh yea, she and Roddy have a sort of on and off thing going on. But she loves him so she'll definitely find out soon enough he's missing. And since she blames me for everything, she'll come straight here."
Sure enough, they only had to wait ten minutes before a sudden shrieking noise made Heracles jump. A white bolt came from the sky and hit the ground, blinding Heracles for a few moments. When he opened his eyes Heracles couldn't help but admire the beauty that stood before him.
Elizabeta was known for being one of the most beautiful female goddesses; her long, wavy, dark brown hair caught the day's light and looked soft to the touch. She wore a small orange flower in her hair that contrasted nicely with her hair color. Elizabeta's light green eyes were narrowed at Gilbert, but they still looked beautiful. And, Heracles noticed with a slight gulp, she was holding a golden frying pan rather threatingly at Gilbert.
"Gilbert." She said.
"Eliza!" Gilbert smirked and held out his arms as if to hug her, but a slight raising of the frying pan made him shrink back.
"Gilbert, I will ask you once. Where is Roderich?" She asked.
"Ah, well, you see about that." Gilbert gulped and backed away from her, "Give me your three golden frying pans and I'll tell you." Elizabeta paused and let a small fall onto her face, "Oh is that all?" she asked sweetly.
Heracles let out a slight yelp as Elizabeta smashed her frying pan onto Gilbert's head. Gilbert fell back as Elizabeta looked over toward Heracles.
"Oh hi Heracles!" She smiled again and suddenly Heracles found himself being hugged. "Oh look at you! So grown up! And you're getting some muscles to! In a relationship you would be a seme," she gave a sigh as Heracles reddened when he realized what kind of relationship she was talking about. Not that he had a problem with that! It was just…Heracles's mind went back to the black haired boy and Heracles blushed even harder.
"Why are you hanging out in such bad company?" Elizabeta turned to flash an evil glare at Gilbert before quickly turning a sweet smile on Heracles.
"Ow! Come on Eliza! That was no reason to hit me!" Gilbert whined. Elizabeta smiled and grabbed her frying pan from her side as she readied herself to swing at Gilbert again.
"Wait!" Heracles found himself saying. Elizabeta turned a questioning glance at him and Heracles immediately wished he had kept his mouth shut.
"Uh, he's not lying. We just need to borrow your frying pans for a little while, it's for a task dad is making him do." Heracles turned away from his previous plan of distracting her and letting Gilbert steal the frying pans. Elizabeta was just scary with those things.
"No. He'll probably damage them and then I won't ever get them back." Elizabeta pouted.
"Please miss!" Heracles winced as she raised an eyebrow. "Call me Eliza sweetie, miss makes me sound old." She nodded for him to continue.
"Please E-Eliza. Dad won't let Gilbert and Matthew date if he can't show that he got these from you."
Heracles saw the affect of his words immediately on her face. She was absolutely beaming and making soft cooing sounds.
"Aww, so that's why Matthew has been looking so down lately. He's in a tragic love! Even if it's with THAT one," Elizabeta threw a glare at Gilbert who gave a small, 'Hey!'
"Of course I'll help since you asked so nicely! But I expect them back soon, and I want Roderich back to." She handed Heracles the three frying pans (where the heck does she keep them?) like she was handing over her firstborn children.
"Thank you! Roderich is over there in the bushes." Heracles pointed over towards where they his Roderich and Elizabeta quickly bounced over and pulled Roderich out. Heracles had about three seconds to realize that the goddess would definitely NOT be happy with the way Roderich looked, but Elizabeta's anger was luckily targeted toward Gilbert again.
"Hey Heracles, sweetie? Can I have one of those back for a few moments?"
Heracles felt kind of bad for letting her hit Gilbert over and over again, not what a true hero would do probably. But then again Heracles was a hero in training and he really didn't want to get in the way of Elizabeta's anger.
Only two more tasks to go. He sighed and went over to try and wake the now unconscious Gilbert up.
I do not own Axis Powers Hetalia or the movie Hercules.
Sage-of-Stars Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010  Student General Artist
XDD hungary is so epic in this XDD Cant wait for the next chapter!!!!
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XDD Thank you!! ^_^
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