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"Like, yay for Heracles!" Feliks shrieked and hugged Toris.
"Um,yea. Heracles had now found out his true heritage, and because of the fact only gods can live on Mount Axis he traveled to meet Peteracleces for hero training. Because if he became a true hero apparently his god powers would return and he would be able to return to Mount Axis." Toris struggled to get away from the clingy Feliks.
"So Heracles traveled a long time to get to the remote island Peteracleces lived on, blah blah blah, aru." Yao waved his hand.
Hold up, that's rushing the story a bit isn't it?
"Well it is a bit boring, right big brother?" Alessia said. Vash nodded in agreement with his sister, "Yea, it is dull. Who would want to listen about Heracles traveling?"
Well something interesting might have happened…
"Like, nothing interesting happened!" Feliks scoffed, "Unless you count the fact that his giant flying cat had, like, some sort of guidance system in him telling him where, like, he needed to go!"
But I still feel like it's rushing the story a bit…
"No, like, way!" Feliks made a face and began to chatter, "Because, like, traveling is boring! That's why most people, like, skip it because who wants to hear about where the hero did his bathroom business," here Feliks shuddered, "because that makes a total boring and uninteresting story! Besides it's, like, not really even needed! We kind of assume they find places to bathe themselves and find food to eat and places to sleep and places to relax and mmmph!" Feliks mouth was covered by Toris's hand as he attempted to silence his friend.
"Unless you want Feliks to keep going on and on I suggest we meet up with Heracles on the island Peteracleces lives on." Toris said flatly. Everybody else nodded in agreement.
Fine, just remember not to mess around…
Heracles stared up at two giant feet set on opposite pedestals. Obviously at one point a giant statue had loomed above everything else, but somehow it had been knocked down and all that was left was its two feet.
"Somebody really forgot to keep up with the cleaning around here," he said to Hiroki. Hiroki mewed in agreement as the giant cat prissily began to make its way through the tall and unkempt grass.
"This place is really nasty, are you sure you brought us to the right place?" Heracles looked over to Hiroki as the cat looked around as if deciding, then nodding its head. "Well alright…" Heracles sighed as he forged ahead, keeping an eye out for whoever Peteracleces might be.
A sudden giggling made Heracles turn around. Carefully prying his way through some bushes Heracles stared at a couple of girls. Well, girls in a loose sense. Heracles had heard enough from his parents to know what nymphs looked like. Amazingly beautiful young women with oddly colored skin and hair. Apparently they were all annoying flirts who could seduce any man…except Heracles didn't think they looked that pretty. In fact none of them could compare in cuteness to the black haired young man Heracles had met days before.
"Hey you think one of them might know who Peteracleces is?" Heracles asked Hiroki. Unfortunately Hiroki's answering shrug was interrupted by a soft rustling noise. Heracles froze, and looked down. How had he missed that? There in the bushes was the behind of a young child.
"What the-? Hey kid, are you stuck?" Heracles grabbed the back of the light blue toga the child was wearing and tugged.
"HEY! Back off buddy!" A sharp exclamation came from the mouth of the child Heracles had just pulled from the bushes. A sharp slap to the head made Heracles drop the annoyed child. But it wasn't really the slap that made Heracles drop the kid, it was the fact that he had horns atop his head.
Heracles heard a sudden chorus of sharp gasps from the nymphs as the kid jerked up and raced into the clearing. "No! Wait ladies! Hold up! Hey, ow! Cut th-ow! Desu yo!"
Heracles stumbled into the clearing to watch as the boy got soundly beat up by a bunch of angry nymphs. When the nymphs were content with the beating they had given to the pervert they all walked off in an angry huff, leaving the kid sighing as he watched them leave.
"Oh well, I'm sure they really love me. They're just playing hard to get!" The kid began to nod excitedly.
"Um." Heracles couldn't help but stare at the kid. He also had a tail. How in the world had Heracles missed that?
"What? Desu yo?" The kid scowled at Heracles.
"Ah, I'm looking for someone called Peteracleces, you wouldn't happen to know where he is, would you?" Heracles cleared his throat awkwardly.
"Call me Peter," the kid, apparently Peteracleces, rolled his eyes at Heracles as he started off in another direction.
"Great!" Peter gasped as Heracles suddenly grabbed his hand, crushing it painfully. "I'm Heracles and this is Hiroki! Nice to meet you! I'm here to train as a hero!" Heracles said.
Peter just gave him a look that said, you've gotta be kidding me.
"Sorry, sucks to be you, but I'm retired." Peter moved away from Heracles, only to be suddenly- and painfully- grabbed by the arm.
"Wait! I need to do this!" Heracles gave Peter a puppy dog look. Peter merely glared at him before shouting, "Desu yo!" and turning away again.
"Please! Haven't you ever wanted something so bad that you would do anything for it?" Heracles shouted at the retreating figure.
Peter turned around and glared at him. Taking a step back Heracles watched as Peter stomped back to him and pointed his finger in Heracles's face.
"Of course, desu yo! I wanted to train a real hero! Somebody who was so great, the gods would put a picture of him in the stars! But," Peter suddenly sighed and rubbed his head, "every hero I ever trained let me down. Ever heard of Achilles?" Heracles opened his mouth to speak but Peter continued, "Achilles was amazing! I trained him and he did everything perfectly! But one nick to the heel and poof, he's a goner! And that's only one part on the Hydra's head! None of the so called heroes I trained could go the distance."
"But I'm not like that! I could do it…" Heracles grabbed onto Peter's arm and began to drag him away.
"Hey! Let me go!" Peter squealed, twisting, trying to break free.
"No, just watch!" Heracles stopped at the base of a giant tower. Looking back to make sure Peter was watching, Heracles pushed at the tower.
Peter's jaw dropped as the entire tower came crumbling down, uprooting all the tree and plants that had grown around and onto the now destroyed tower.
"See!" Heracles smiled and turned back to look at Peter.
"YOU DESTROYED MY HOUSE!" Peter screeched. Heracles winced and darted a look back at the completely destroyed area.
"Your house?" Heracles winced and Peter fixed him with a death glare.
"Yes my house you idiot! The place where I sleep! Where all my stuff was! There is no way I'm going to train you, even if I wasn't retired I wouldn't want to train you!"
"Wait! Please! I have to do it so I can rejoin my parents Alfred and Arthur up on Mount Axis!" Heracles pleaded desperately, but shrank back as Peter glared at him again.
"Oh so you're Alfred's kid then? Oh wait that makes you Arthur's as well!" Heracles opened his mouth to say that he had just pointed that out when Peter shushed him.
"So the jerk face Arthur would be your mommy is that correct?" Peter let out a harsh laugh, "Oh I can imagine that! What, was his food so bad you ran away from Mount Axis? Oh no, hold on, Alfred is your dad so what, did he read you heroic bedtime stories and that's the reason why you want to be a hero?"
"No I was kidna-"
"Once upon a time there was a heroic hero by the name of Hero Alfred!" Peter mimed reading a book and almost fell over in laughter at his own words.
"Oh gods! You have gotta- desu yo!" Peter giggled as he hit the ground, rolling around laughing.
"Well it's the truth!" Heracles was beginning to get more and more pissed off. Why did his dad send him here again? Was it to learn patience or something?
"Look kid of Alfred and Arthur. For you I have two words about your training." Peter wiped the tears from his eyes. "And they are-"
Heracles jumped back as a lightning bolt came from out of the sky and hit Peter straight on.
"DESU YO! THAT'S THE THIRD ONE IN TEN MINUTES!" Heracles watched as Peter ran around, trying to avoid the lightning bolts that kept trying to strike him. It was actually kind of amusing to watch, once the shock of see lightning bolts chasing Peter around wore off.
"I think dad's trying to tell you to train me," Heracles called to Peter. Peter merely scowled and shouted, "No way, desu yo!"
Another lightning bolt hit Peter and Heracles began to change his view on how strong Peter was. Obviously somebody who could be hit by a lightning bolt and still jump up immediately afterward to continue running away was pretty strong.
"OKAY OKAY! I'LL TRAIN YOUR BRAT!" Peter jumped away from one last lightning bolt, and the sky suddenly calmed.
"Sheesh, gods won't take no for an answer will they?" Peter walked over to Heracles and tugged on his arm. "Well come on then, if I want to continue living in peace I guess I had better start training you."
"So what happened next big brother?" Alessia asked.
"Well not much happened for at least three days I believe," Vash frowned in thought, "Peteracleces obviously thought his retirement would last so he let all his weapons and training fields fall into disrepair." Vash's face took on an angry look as he thought of the poor weapons being neglected.
"So I guess they just cleaned for a couple days, aru." Yao began to pick at his nails, obviously bored, "And since that isn't exactly fun to see we're going to skip over that."
"Oh, but what about the part where, like, Heracles accidently set Peter on fire? And then when he, like, tried to throw Peteracleces into the ocean to stop the fire he ended up throwing Peteracleces over two hundred feet out into the ocean!" Feliks grinned.
"Or when Heracles refused to let Peteracleces throw away a plate that had Achilles face on it? Apparently Heracles loves old stuff like that but since Peteracleces hates Achilles, they had a huge fight over it." Alessia grinned.
"Or, like, all the times Heracles would, like, skip out on cleaning to take a nap?" Feliks grinned back at her as they began to babble about all the amusing stuff that happened while Heracles and Peteracleces had been cleaning.
Hey guys! Can we get back to the story?
"Like, you are always so pushy! Not cool!" Feliks pouted.
Yea, yea. I'm the bad guy. Speaking of which, are we going to get back to Sadiq soon? He only showed up for a little while.
"We're getting there, aru! It's a process! Sadiq still thinks Heracles is dead!"
"Yea, I feel sort of bad for Gupta when Sadiq fi-mmph!" Toris gagged as Feliks grabbed him. "No! You can't, like, spoil the plot!" Feliks shrieked.
"Hey, Toris is turning blue, aru!"
"Feliks please let go of Toris!"
"Oi! Alessia don't get near them!"
"No, like, he'll ruin the plot!"
…This would probably be a good time to join Heracles in training right now.
"Okay, rule number six. When rescuing a damsel in distress, be gentle!" Peter pointed to the wooden doll dressed up to look somewhat like a girl. Peter nodded to Hiroki, and Hiroki leaned down and lit the platform the doll was on on fire.
"You want me to run through those flames?" Heracles blinked blearily at the smudge that resembled Peter. It was really early in the morning and Heracles was still exhausted from the activities from yesterday.
"Desu yo! Save the damsel but do it gently! That's all there is to it! Even the worst of heroes I've trained have been able to do this!" Peter spat out at Heracles.
"Okay then…" Heracles looked around until he spotted orange smudges that were moving and he took off running toward them. A brief two minutes later had Peter screeching at Heracles about everything he had done wrong, which was a lot. The doll was on fire and laying around the training area in pieces.
Peter let out a soft groan as he watched Heracles attempt to rescue the new damsel doll. Heracles was strong but he sucked at tactics and being at least a little gentle. Heracles only seemed to take the training seriously when something was actually endangered. Yesterday Hiroki had almost been killed when one of the fire wheels they had been using in practice had gone a bit haywire and flung itself at the giant cat. Heracles had done a brilliant maneuver to save his cat, but then later that day had let the damsel doll die in the almost exact same simulation.
"You're only taking things seriously when it's real! You have to do the fake stuff to help prepare you for when it is real!" Peter had shouted at Heracles when the damsel doll had, once again, gone up in flames. Heracles had simply apologized and offered to make more damsel dolls for tomorrow's training.
Flopping down on a rock, Peter watched Heracles as he fell asleep next to Hiroki.
"There's got to be a way to make him do better…" Peter frowned. He would never admit it but he was actually enjoying the challenge that was Heracles. It felt great to berate him, and it felt even better when Peter's training exercises began to show. Already Heracles was getting more muscular and they didn't have to keep making over a hundred damsel dolls for training.
Peter hummed a little bit as an idea began to form in his head. Yea, that plan might just push Heracles from a scrawny kid to an actual hero in training. Peter felt a smirk working itself on his face as he leapt up and began to prepare for the next day.
I do not own Hetalia, the characters, or the movie Hercules.
Please do not publish this under your own name.
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: D i am TOTALLY gonna draw them all like this : ' D cuz its that epic :I
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