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"But…if you really did find me. Where did I come from? Who…who am I really?" Heracles looked at both his parents.
"Well, we found this around your neck when we found you," Tino showed Heracles a gold disk on a velvet rope. Taking it, Heracles gently shifted it in his hands as he stared at the cat imprinted on it.
"So what is this, the symbol of the gods or something?" Heracles began to toss the disk between his hands. Tino laughed and shook his head, "We don't think so. We've never seen a god's symbol like this before."
Heracles smiled at his father, and then looked back down at the disk. A sudden determination filled him and Heracles suddenly jumped up, startling both of his parents. "Well the gods might know who I am! They're supposed to be all knowing and stuff so maybe they have the answers!" Heracles brain was whirling. Maybe he could find out where he belonged after all. He certainly didn't fit in here, everybody but his parents (and the stray cats) pretty much hated him…wait…his parents.
Heracles looked over at Tino and Berwald. Tino had a small sad smile on his face while Berwald…well Berwald pretty much looked stoic like he always did. But after living with his parents for eighteen years Heracles knew his taller father only became really calm was he was upset.
"Dad, father…" Heracles looked at them both, and then turned away to the window, "You guys have been the best parents ever. More than anyone could have asked for. But I really need to understand who I really am, and where I belong." Tino merely nodded at his son's words, while Berwald looked away and grumbled, "Thought you might one day."
Heracles grinned at them both, but then gave a wide yawn as his eyelids began to droop. "However it's getting…a little late…" Heracles's body began to drop towards the ground, and pretty soon the only thing keeping him from hitting the floor was Berwald who, being used to his son dropping off to sleep, had grabbed him in the nick of time.
"I'm going to miss that," Tino chuckled quietly as Berwald shifted Heracles towards his bed. Berwald paused for a moment at his 'wife's' words, and slowly he gave a rare smile and said, "Yea, me to."
"Okay so do you know which way to Alfred's temple?" Heracles stared down at a tabby cat. Sadly the cat did not answer back and merely began to lick its paw.
Sighing disappointedly, Heracles straightened up and looked around him. After leaving his parents home he had begun to travel towards the nearest temple which, funny enough, was the king of the gods himself, Alfred. Unfortunately Heracles was not the best at directions and had found himself lost after two hours of traveling on foot.
"Maybe I should just go back and ask my parents to draw me a map…" Heracles sighed again, and then he yawned. "Oops…guess I didn't get as much sleep as I thought." Heracles looked around, and happily spotted a nice looking spot to take a nap. A huge olive tree that was set in a grassy area provided a nice amount of cool shade for the hot day. Heracles padded towards it, and only moments after flopping down on the grass he felt his eyelids fall and he fell asleep.
Only to be woken up minutes later by something large falling on top of him.
"Umph!" Heracles grunted, and snapping his eyes open he pushed whatever had landed on top of him, off of him. Unfortunately Heracles had forgotten his strength and whatever landed on top of him was shoved at least ten feet back.
Make that whoever.
A young man was now blinking blearily as he looked around himself. Said young man had short black hair and, Heracles noticed, very pretty, dark, brown eyes. He reminds me almost of a cat, Heracles smiled as the dark haired young man shook his head and rubbed his eyes.
Eyes which now had perfect vision and clearly saw Heracles.
"Ah, are you-" Heracles began, but suddenly the other man interrupted him with a gasp and suddenly Heracles found himself being bowed to.
"Ah! I am very sorry! I must have fallen from the tree and hit you! I am so very sorry sir!" The young man trembled before Heracles.
"Oh, no your fine," Heracles yawned lazily, trying to hide the slight blush that seemed to keep coming up whenever the other's eyes met his. "In fact, are you alright? I pushed you a little hard there." The young man started at Heracles words, and a bright red blush worked itself onto his face.
Cute… Heracles noted.
"Yes! Yes, I am perfectly fine!" The young man continued bowing in apologize, which Heracles was beginning to find very annoying, yet somehow it was very, very cute.
"What were you doing in the tree?" Heracles asked suddenly. The young man stopped bowing and cocked his head, confused for a moment before clarity entered his eyes and he said, "I was, ah, sleeping." He sounded very embarrassed.
Heracles couldn't help it; he let out a soft laugh to which the other man reddened even more, if that was possible.
"Don't laugh!" the man sounded so offended Heracles did stop laughing, but a lazy sort of smile worked itself on his face as he answered; "Now I am sorry. You see you just strongly remind me of a cat. It's really cute."
"W-w-what? Do not say such things! That is improper!" the man began to back away from Heracles.
"Wait! I actually need to ask you something!" Heracles jerked up and darted towards the man, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards himself.
Oops, forgot about my strength…again. Heracles was now blushing just as heavily as the other man was. By total accident Heracles had pulled the man straight into his arms and now was looking down at said other who was beginning to tremble a bit.
He's pretty small, but it's actually really cute. Heracles smiled down at the young man.
Whose cuteness was being severely taken away from the furious look he was giving Heracles.
"Do you know where Alfred's temple is?" Heracles asked cheerfully, choosing to ignore the angry looks he was receiving from the other man.
"Back track a little bit, make a left at the lake, and then follow the signs." The young man snapped as he attempted to pull away from Heracles. Too bad for him, Heracles wasn't done yet.
"Ah, thank you very much!" Giving the man another lazy smile, Heracles decided to push it just a little bit as he enveloped the other man in a warm hug. The young man stiffened slightly as Heracles hugged him for a moment, and as Heracles let go he quickly scurried back.
"Y-y-y-y-yes. Goodbye!" The man didn't even bother to bow as he began rushing down the path as fast as his feet could take him.
"See you later!" Heracles chuckled softly as the man's back stiffened for a moment. And it was only when the man was far out of sight did Heracles realize he had forgotten to ask the cute little kitten's name.
Heracles stiffened as a cold wind blew him slightly back. Whose idea was it to put a temple on top of a giant hill?! He groaned softly as another cold wind blew around him. The temple of Alfred had better be warm…
Heracles did make it to the top, and he was incredibly relieved to find himself in a large, and WARM, room. It was dark, since night had fallen and nobody was around during the nighttime to take care of the temple, as Heracles slowly approached the giant statue of Alfred. Gently he kneeled on the marble ground, and looking up towards the statue, Heracles took the golden disk his parents had given to him and he began to pray.
"Alfred, um, I mean almighty Alfred. Please hear me. I'm Heracles, adopted son of Tino and Berwald. I have no idea though, who my real parents are. I'm stronger than any man I've ever met, and I don't feel like I belong anywhere. And it really stinks so I really want to know…" Heracles took a deep breath, "Who am I? Where do I belong?"
Heracles braced himself as a huge gust of wind suddenly came bursting around him. Suddenly the torches on either side of Alfred lit, and…
Oh gods…
The statue was moving!
Alfred's statue squeezed its eyes shut, and then opened them as they fixated on Heracles. A giant grin lit upon its face as the statue suddenly boomed, "MY LITTLE HERO!"
"GAHHHHH!" Heracles stumbled backward as the statue reached out for him.
"Well hey! Where you going kiddo?" The statue grabbed at him as Heracles tried to escape. For once in his life Heracles was glad of his strength because if he had been of normal strength the statue would have killed him with its grip.
"That's a mean way to greet a fellow hero! Come and give your old man a hug!" Heracles found himself suddenly squished to the statue's chest.
"Fadder?" He mumbled.
"Oops, sorry bout that! I've just missed hugging you so much!" The statue suddenly put Heracles back on the floor, and Heracles watched, if possible, even more shocked as the statue began to shrink down into the size of a normal human being. And suddenly, in the space of seconds, Heracles found himself staring at no other than the king of the gods himself, Alfred.
"Ah! Feels good to be back to my heroic self!" Alfred cracked his knuckle as he looked at Heracles, a giant smile upon his face. "So, yea, surprise! I'm your dad!"
Heracles stared at him.
"Oh, well technically I'm your other dad. Your father, Arthur, the one who gave birth to you. And he'll never let me forget all the pain he went to get you here. I swear, he carries you for nine months, and gives birth to you, and then thinks he's suddenly Atlas or something. You should have heard him shouting at me when he gave birth to you." Alfred began to mimic what apparently he believed Arthur's voice to sound like, "Alfred you twit! I will never let you within five feet of me again! Keep yourself to yourself mister! You bloody wanker!" Alfred laughed. Heracles just looked stunned.
"But look at you! Look how much you've grown! You've still got Arthur's eyes, and I'm pretty sure you got my heroic nature and strength!"
"Wait wait wait." Heracles held up his hands to stop Alfred's chatter. "If I'm your son, then wouldn't that make me…?"
"A god! Yeppers!" Alfred smacked Heracles on the back. Ouch, for once Heracles had met someone that could actually probably give a mean punch to him.
"But…" Heracles bit his lip; suddenly he wasn't sure he wanted to ask that question.
"But what kiddo?" Alfred looked at him, concerned.
"But why did you leave me…on earth?" Heracles looked down at the floor, "I mean, I love my earth parents, but…didn't you want me?"
Alfred sighed and poked Heracles, trying to get the young man to look at him, "Of course we wanted you. We gave you the golden cat after all," he pointed at the disk now around Heracles neck, "and everyone up there loved you. Heck, even Lovino was fond of you. And that's saying something." Alfred looked broken hearted. "But then, somebody stole you and turned you mortal. And only gods can live on Mount Axis."
"But couldn't you do anything?" Heracles said, "I mean you're a great god and all, couldn't you have restored me my powers or something?"
"Well I can't! But you can kiddo!" Alfred poked Heracles in the chest. "If you become a true hero your powers will be restored and you can join us on Mount Axis!" Heracles stared at him a moment.
"How?" He asked.
"How what?" Alfred grinned.
"How exactly does me becoming a hero give me back my powers?"
"Ah…um…" Alfred rubbed the back of his head, thinking. "Well I don't really know! You'd have to ask your other father about that! He's the one who does the magic stuff." Alfred laughed, "I pretty much blow stuff up!"
"So, uh, dad." Alfred beamed when Heracles called him dad, "So exactly how do I become a…hero?"
"Well first you gotta go to Peteracleces for training." Alfred frowned for a moment before scratching his head, "I think he's actually related to Arthur in some way, like a cousin once removed or something, I dunno."
"Okay, guess I'll head out to wherever he is then…" Heracles drifted off, great, he was feeling sleepy again.
Alfred only laughed at the sleepy look on his sons face, "Well something about you really hasn't changed! You slept a lot when you were a kid to!" Alfred snapped his fingers, "Ah, right! I have a little gift for you! Well actually it was a gift long ago but I think you'll like it all the same!"
Heracles jumped out of the way as a sudden bolt of white shot down from the sky and hit the ground. Heracles blinked a couple of times before the spots in front of his eyes were gone, and when he did see what was in front of him Heracles couldn't help an appreciative gasp.
It was a cat, a BIG cat. Heracles could easily sit comfortable on the cat and still have room for one or two others to sit behind him.
Oh, and the cat had wings…
"Uh." Heracles glanced at the now purring cat that was rubbing up against him to Alfred who was positively hopping up and down with happiness.
"Heracles, this is Hiroki. He's a gift from me and Arthur. We gave him to you when you were little but since you got kidnapped…" Alfred looked sad again. Heracles didn't like that look on Alfred, he felt a lot better when the god was laughing and grinning like an idiot. So Heracles gently began patting Hiroki who purred, and he smiled at Alfred. "Thanks, I love cats. Dad."
That did it. Heracles was quickly swept up in a bone-crushing hug as Alfred laughed, "GREAT!" Well that was a relief; at least he didn't look like he was going to break into tears again.
"I promise I'll make you proud dad." Heracles carefully got onto Hiroki's back, already beginning to nod off.
"I'm sure you will son," Alfred backed away as Hiroki leapt into the air, flying off into the night.
I do not own Axis Powers Hetalia, the characters, or the movie Hercules.
I ask you please do not publish this under your own name.
Oh, and I forgot to mention (if you hadn't noticed) this kind of veers off from the movie a bit. I stay close to the movie but I do not follow it exactly, that would be boring...
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